Consultancy Services

Driven by a passionate interest in strengthening the link between equality based policy and practice, Amy provides a consultancy service that supports organisations to make positive systemic change. Using her combined background in anthropology, mental health, service design and business development, her focus is to ensure that health services remain equitable, culturally appropriate, sustainable, innovative and improve clinical outcomes.

Amy's consultancy services include the design and tender writing for a wide range of health services including adult psychology, child and adolescent mental health, urgent care, GP federations, healthcare in prisons, drug and alcohol services, and MSK & chronic pain to name a few.

She also works with healthcare providers to create systemic improvements that close the gap between equality and diversity policy and practice, including the establishment of patient participation programmes and staff and patient diaspora advisory groups.

Amy has a research background and works with healthcare providers to undertake and write service evaluations which inform the ongoing development and improvement of service provision.

More about Amy

See testimonials and services provided by Amy below:

Rebecca Wilkinson, Public Health Registrar – Wessex Global Health Network

"Amy’s passion and commitment for supporting vulnerable groups is infectious; Amy and I have been working together for several months on a health needs assessment for asylum seekers. Amy has been an incredible source of knowledge and expertise in relation to the mental health of this population group. As part of this work, we conducted a number of focus groups with asylum seekers and I really admired the approachable and sympathetic way that Amy got the participants talking. She has a real skill in dealing with people."

Irmani Smallwood, Director of Business Development and Innovation at Look Ahead Care and Support

"Amy worked with our new business team at Look Ahead during a busy period of major staffing changes. She brought great expertise to the team. Her output was excellent. I asked Amy for some reflections on the team and how we work, given her experience. She gave us thoughtful and constructive feedback which was very helpful. I would have no hesitation either in booking Amy again or in recommending her to any health/social care organisation."

Public Health Consultant, East London Foundation Trust

"The forward looking solutions provided, empowered. In particular advice and guidance about how to set up diaspora groups within statutory health services was extremely useful. Rare to find someone who understands the perspective of all. Amy is unique, rebellious, committed to exploring the true concepts of equality and highly knowledgable. This will drive change" 

Claire Nicholls, Regional Development Manager, People Plus

"I have worked with Amy in two capacities, as Head of Development (Health Sector) at People Plus and as a Director at Ndidi Works Ltd. She has played an integral role leading the design of services to have a stronger focus on inclusivity and equality, by ensuring service structures were directly influenced by people from BAME communities. She is a strategic thinker with in-depth knowledge of mental health provision, the health & social care sector and chronic disease prevention. Her knowledge enables her to provide a high level view of how to design and develop services".

Design and redesign of health services

Amy has spoken at a number of international conferences on the subject of mental health service redesign, and worked as a clinician and senior manager within the healthcare sector for over 15 years. She has the strategic experience, clinical knowledge and creative flair to support your organisation to design and develop services that take you to the cutting edge of healthcare. There are a number of reasons why you may need to work on redesigning services, including:

  • The recommissioning of an existing contract
  • Changes in legislation
  • Changes to best practice and research within your field of delivery
  • Changes to your patient demographic and their consequent needs

Whatever the reason, following detailed consultation Amy will support you to create new models of care and define innovative care pathways in line with the needs and requirements of your service users, your business, your commissioners. 

Writing strategies and service evaluations for health services

Amy will support your organsation to develop clarity and direction around the following areas of your business: 

  • Understanding organisational and service strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understanding growth opportunities 
  • Mapping strategic partnerships required to increase the quality of care and support growth 
  • Developing the right structures, partnerships, processes and policies to raise the quality of care, ensure services are more reliable and equitable. 
  • Review existing delivery to identify areas of strength and weakness. 

Following detailed consultation, Amy will review and evaluate specific areas of service delivery using research methodology. This can be used independently to develop your services or feed into a wider piece of work to develop specific organisational strategy. Service evaluations and strategies can be communicated to your key stakeholders and will place you in the best position to innovate and expand. 

Bid and tender writing for health services

Amy is highly experienced in writing a business cases and tenders. This can be an intimidating and time consuming task and requires specialist skills and knowledge to ensure the best chance of winning contracts and expanding delivery. Amy provides the following tendering services:

  • Supporting the intelligent design of the service
  • Conducting market research
  • Writing bid strategies
  • Writing bid responses
  • Reviewing policies and processes to improve the overall standard of the tender
  • Creating a bank of case studies
  • Creating a bank of common stock answers that can be tweaked for individual tenders
  • Quality assuring existing bid material and other written documents

Public Speaking

Amy is an experienced public speaker and has been a key guest at a number of international conferences and NHS Trust training days. Amy has spoken on the following subjects:

  • Women's Psychological health
  • Perinatal OCD
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Redesigning mental health services for refugee and asylum seeking people
  • Cultural adaptations to CBT
  • Global mental health
  • Diaspora initiatives in the NHS
  • Treatment Implications for African and Caribbean people in the UK mental health system
  • Equality of access to UK mental health care
  • Work related stress and psychological resilience
  • Working with young people involved with gangs and violent crime

University lecturing

Amy is a guest lecturer for a number of leading Universities and NHS foundation Trust's including Winchester and Southampton Universities and East London NHS Foundation Trust. Amy has written and delivered teaching days to students on the following subjects:

  • Redesigning mental health services for refugee and asylum seeking people
  • Cultural adaptations to CBT
  • Establishing Diaspora initiatives within the NHS
  • Addressing the needs of young people involved with gangs and violent crime