One-to-One Ad-hoc Advice and Guidance for Health Professionals

Amy provides a range of services directly to healthcare professionals including the following:

1) Ad-hoc mental health telephone guidance to GPs, Nurses and Midwives 

Amy has been trained in multiple psychological modalities and has in depth experience of working with adults and young people with a broad range of psychological problems in NHS and specialist psychological settings (see psychotherapy page for more details). 

She has over 15 years experience of working with people who are emotionally unwell and is a guest lecturer at a number of leading Universities on the subject of mental health. Considered an expert in her field, she is also a senior consultant to the NHS and private sector where she is responsible for mental health service design and development. 

More about Amy

Amy provides a telephone based service to health professionals who would like ad-hoc guidance and support on how to effectively help and manage patients who are or are suspected of being psychologically unwell. 

Amy will provide you with:

  • Information about specific mental health conditions.
  • Discuss your specific patient cases and provide you with tailored guidance and support.
  • Support you in identifying and appropriately responding to your patients needs.
  • Provide you will practical evidence based approaches to managing your own stress.  

Advice and Guidance telephone services are charged at £100 per hour. 

Health services also have the option to purchase packages of 10 X Advice and Guidance sessions available to any clinician in the service for £900 (to be used within 12 months).

Telephone appointments will be guaranteed within 3 working days (Please enquire via email).

2) Assessment for surgical suitability 

Amy has extensive experience of working with people who are physically unwell and are suffering with chronic pain conditions. She provides a range of Doctors with private psychological assessments that outline suitability for surgical procedures i.e. bariatric surgery bariatric/spinal cord stimulator insertion/sterilisation. 

She also provides pre/post surgery psychotherapy.

Services are charged at £120 per assessment/therapeutic hour (includes face-to-face assessment and writing time).

3) Mental health training on specialist subjects 

Amy is the Mental Health Lead for the Cambridge Medical Academy based at Cambridge University and is responsible for training over 800 Doctors and Nurses globally in mental health. She regularly writes bespoke mental health training packages for health institutions. 

Please see training page and make contact to enquire about specific training requirements and associated costs.

Sabina Challenger, Senior Mental Health Social Worker - Perinatal Mental Health Team, East London NHS Trust

I have consulted Amy on a number of occasions for Ad-hoc advice and support including specific advice around the needs of my patients; CBT and other psychotherapeutic techniques that I can apply to my working approach; Information on specific mental health conditions; and professional guidance specifically around job applications and managerial issues. Amy is a wealth of expert knowledge that I have consistently used to improve my working practice and my career."

Rebecca Wilkinson, Public Health Registrar – Wessex Global Health Network

"Amy and I have been working together for several months on a health needs assessment for asylum seekers. Amy has been an incredible source of knowledge and expertise in relation to the mental health of this population group. I would highly recommend Amy"

Dr Alison Parrish, GP at Selsey Medical Practice, West Sussex

“Absolutely true and from the heart. There were many learning points for me, amongst others, I really found the insights into how OCD can be quite hidden helpful, and patients need to trust you deeply before they will reveal painful obsessions.”