One-to-One Ad-hoc Advice and Guidance for Individuals

Do you require information, advice and guidance around the subject of mental health, but do not require therapy? If so, I can provide you with this support. 

For example, parents often get in touch with me about their child's emotional health or behaviour, seeking guidance on where to go for help or how to manage the situation themselves. Sometimes their children are already in therapy but the parents are seeking a second opinion or further understanding of the diagnosis or therapeutic process. 

Additionally, I am often contacted by people who are worried about their partner/family member and want to seek advice on what might be going on and how to support them better. 

Sometimes students come to me because they are confused about a specific learning point, or HR professionals who want to take independent advice about an employee. 

Whatever your reason, I am most likely able to help and if not I can certainly point you in the direction of someone who can. 

More about Amy

About Ad-hoc mental health telephone guidance 

I will provide you with:

1) Information about specific mental health conditions.

2) Informal discussion around your specific personal situation and provide you with tailored guidance and support.

3) Support you in identifying and appropriately responding to your child, partner, family member, employee or colleague.

4) Practical evidence based approaches to managing your own stress.

One-2-One telephone guidance sessions are practical and not therapeutic. They are charged at £100 per hour. If additional services are required, these are charged as follows:

Therapy is charged at £120 per therapeutic hour and can be provided face-to-face at my clinic in Chichester West Sussex or via Skype. 

Assessment and report writing is charged at £120 per assessment hour (includes face-to-face assessment and writing time).

About Amy

Amy has been trained in multiple psychological modalities and has in depth experience of working with adults and young people with a broad range of psychological problems in NHS and specialist psychological settings (see psychotherapy page for more details about her experience). 

She has over 15 years experience of working with people who are emotionally unwell and is a guest lecturer at a number of leading Universities on the subject of mental health. 

Considered an expert in her field, she is also a senior consultant to the NHS and private health sector where she is responsible for designing and developing mental health services. She has advised some of the largest NHS trusts and private healthcare providers in the UK.  

James - Solicitor, West Sussex

 I contacted Amy about my mother who last year had suddenly stopped eating and was retreating away from any social situations. She was very confused and distressed. and had lost 3 stone in 2 months. She had become very unwell all of a sudden and the whole family was really terrified because we didn't know what was happening to her. Amy spent several hours speaking with me on the telephone and said it sounded as though she needed to be assessed. We brought my mum in to Amy's clinic where she assessed her and suggested that my mum was experiencing an episode of acute anxiety, and may also be slipping into a psychotic state. Amy immediately called the local mental health team and wrote a detailed report for the Psychiatrist. Everything Amy said turned out to be right and my mum was hospitalised for several weeks. She is now under treatment and much, much better and happier. I think Amy saved her life and will be forever grateful for her time and her caring attitude to us all. 

Sarah - Mother of three, Hampshire

"I heard about Amy through a friend of mine who has had therapy with her and had a brilliant experience. I was having major problems with my daughter who was on a 3 month waiting list to see CAMHS. Amy sent me some really useful resources that I was able to use to support my daughter and my wider family. She really helped me to reduce my anxiety about my daughter by talking me through the risks and giving me tips about how to better deal with her  emotional outbursts and her erratic behaviour. I must say that in many ways, these discussions were  more helpful than the therapy we ended up with! Amy is so compassionate but also so straight forward - I had total confidence in her. I would go back for advice in a heartbeat - 110% worth the money!"

Rebecca - Financial Advisor, London

“I was reaching a point with my work where I felt so stressed that I could no longer think. I have always been very rational, but I suddenly had this moment where I thought I was losing my mind! I spoke to Amy on the phone and explained the situation. She reassured me that I was experiencing the symptoms of anxiety and that this was totally normal - I would have loved to come to see Amy for therapy but she had a 6 week wait and I decided to see someone face-to-face. Amy referred me to an amazing psychotherapist in London who has done wonders for me. Thank you for your support and guidance Amy - without it, I think i would have just tried to carry on and things would have got a lot worse! ”